Redragon Pluto G815 Bluetooth Gamepad for Switch (Pink)


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Redragon Pluto Gamepad


Compatible for Switch and Switch Lite Console.





  • Compatible for Switch and Switch Lite Console.
  • Console wake up function.
  • Build-in Six Axis sensors,equipped with a 6-Axis gyroscope feature that fine tunes of the body sense, and effectively aims and locks onto the target.
  • With double vibration function , increase much immersive experience games.
  • Support NFC function, you can use amiibo in the games, which making you game more interesting.
  • With turbo and auto turbo function ,freeing your hands to improve gameplay.
  • Super sensitive button sensing provides an accurate gaming experience. Dual analog sticks and expansion triggers provide precise movement control..
  • Bluetooth or Wired connection avaliable.
  • Support play PC steam games.
  • RSF brand high precision 3D.
  • High quality 600mAh polymer battery.
  • Add extra weight to inceasing handsfeeling.





Product Code: Pluto G815
Warranty: 3-Month Warranty


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